Using Lingerie To Create Intimacy – And Erotica!

Blog friend and erotica author Gwen Masters has tips on The Thrill of True Intimacy, in which (among other things) she discusses using lingerie to spice things up.

How long has it been since they dressed up for their husbands? In the midst of their busy lives, the dial on their sex lives has been turned way down, and they hadn’t noticed it until now. The days of newlyweds are long gone – but could they possibly bring them back?

I’ve been given permission to give you a snippet more from her story, Something Old, Something New, mentioned in this article and published at Tit-Elation:

Heather waved Karen away and scampered happily to her bedroom, where she upended the paper bag and watched her treasures cascade onto the handmade quilt. Black. It was all black! Fishnet stockings, those lacy thongs, two bras that were laced with heavenly satin, a long sheer robe that left nothing to the imagination, and even a pair of pretty gloves, the kind that went all the way past her elbows, the kind that old-fashioned starlets always wore.

She dug into the back of her closet and found her black high-heels. She hadn’t worn those shoes in years. She slipped them on and the sudden height almost made her dizzy with anticipation. She walked around the bedroom in them. She looked at the lingerie on the bed, then looked at the clock. She had a few hours before everyone got home.

She waltzed to the kitchen with a handful of lingerie. She hand washed each piece, lovingly bathing it in suds and rinsing it out completely, then hanging the pretty things over the shower curtain, which was the best place she could think of. She sat on the hamper and watched them as they dried. Her black heels tapped on the floor. She loved the way they sounded. She was already wet and horny as hell, and it was the middle of the day.

Heather wandered to the bedroom and lay down on the bed. She held up a foot and looked at her high-heeled shoe. Fishnet stockings on her legs, held up by those garters. A pretty thong covering just enough. A nice satin bra with all that lace, the kind of bra she hadn’t bought in years. All that covered with the sheer robe, the one that didn’t cover anything at all. Should she pull her hair up? Leave it down? Should she wear makeup? She hardly ever wore it anymore – what would Ken say?

She thought about touching herself. Her nipples were hard and her clit was begging for something, anything, preferably a release. She considered, but didn’t do it. The anticipation was too delicious. She wanted to come while Ken fucked her. She wanted to come while she was wearing all of those pretty things. She wasn’t going to take them off while they did it.

“He came all over them,” she said out loud, remembering Karen’s blush, and Heather laughed out loud. The sound echoed in the empty house.

As soon as the lingerie was clean and dry, she started with the thong. It slipped against her skin with a secret kind of touch, seduction in and of itself, and Heather had to fight the urge to rub herself through the fabric. Then came the garters. The feeling of them against her skin was exciting. She pulled on the fishnets and fastened everything, then slipped on the high heels. The bra came next, and she took her time fitting it, looking in the mirror the whole time. She enjoyed the way it lifted and shaped and made her look bustier than she really was. She grabbed her breasts with both hands and pointed them at the mirror, then dissolved into gales of laughter.

Ken was going to love this.

She slipped on a dress, one that didn’t really fit so well anymore — it was a bit too big, a holdover from the days when she was trying to lose weight after the last child was born. It would hide everything underneath it, which was fine with her. The only thing Ken would notice would be the fishnets – and the heels, of course.

And oh, did he notice!

Ken didn’t walk into the house until dinner was almost ready. The kids had enjoyed seeing Mom in high heels, but didn’t think much of it — after all, there were more important things, like video games and homework and their friends coming over to play a game of pick-up baseball. When Ken came in, the kids were in the backyard and Heather was at the stove, cooking his favorite dinner.

He gave her a kiss and then noticed she was a bit taller than usual. His eyes immediately went to her feet, and he stopped dead in his tracks, frozen as a statue.

“Damn,” he finally murmured, and the sound was filled with the kind of anticipation Heather recognized, for she had felt the same thing all day long.

“You like?”

“Are those fishnets?” he asked incredulously.

Heather didn’t answer. She just turned to the cabinets to hide her smile. When Ken’s hand slipped under the dress, she slapped it away, but not fast enough.

“Garters?” he asked, and this time his voice was so filled with amazement that it came out as a high-pitched squeak, as if he were a boy whose voice was just changing, not a full-grown man.

“Later,” Heather reprimanded, and Ken broke into a saucy grin.

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