The Artistry of Thierry Mugler

Thierry Mugler founded his label for women in 1974 (and men’s in ’78). His work has a unique style which some call futuristic and/or ahead of it’s time — but for me, his style is classic.

Mugler’s fashions featured hour-glass shaped, dominatrix silhouettes, high-heels and Glamour with a capital ‘G.’

He preferred solid colors — no prints — which rather than seeming ‘solid,’ ‘chunky,’ ‘static’ or ‘monochromatic’ seem entirely alive & vibrant.

He’s been known to love women in suits — “very strict suits.” Saying, “But then when she moves, the skirt opens up high on her thigh, or you may find out that she is naked under her jacket.”

Now that is a power suit.

His fashions are strong and bold with nearly-harsh lines which make the most of female curves. In fact, his ability to combine fashion angles to play up the best of soft female curves made each woman a work of art, not just a hanger for garments which were the artworks.

In a word, his fashions were erotic.

Or rather, they displayed the already erotic nature of the female form.

So it’s not surprising that he’s turn to the more erotic fabrics and fetish wear.

Mugler didn’t limit himself to rubber, plexi and chrome to create fetish wear — or his more eclectic works with medieval and science fiction themes. No, Mugler also went straight (laced) for corsets.

Including incorporating corsetry into his haute couture designs.

His works, including the black gown below, have been included in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Extreme Beauty: The Body Transformed Exhibit.

Definitely an artist, Mugler’s photographs (as found in his photo book, Thierry Mugler: Fashion Fetish Fantasy) are exquisite — which is why the out-of-print books sell for nearly the same price as vintage Mugler ready-to-wear fashions.

Mugler’s fashion house did not survive the 1990s; it was closed in 2003 due to increasing losses and all Thierry Mugler ready-to-wear is now produced under license agreements. So now, if you want a real Thierry Mugler fashion piece, you’ll need to stalk eBay as well as vintage couture stores — online and off.

I just adore his works, so be prepared for more Mugler…

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