Beware The Rack!

If a pretty young thing keeps putting her bosom right in your line of sight, perhaps she’s up to more than a free drink…

Perhaps her bodice contains more than those earthly delights which send you into orbit — perhaps they contain a microphone, batteries, antenna and a transmitter, “constituting a miniature radio station with a range of 200-300 feet.”

If so, you must be privy to some spectacular secrets… Are you?

If I were a man, I’d pretend I was. It may cost you some drinks, and a wee bit of pride when she discovers you have nothing she wants, but that’s no worse than the usual night out in a club, right?

Electronic Mata Haris, from the August, 1957, Mechanix Illustrated. No doubt this was their dream — not just the ‘mechanics’ of it all, but that a woman would pay so much attention to them. *wink*

Link via Silent Porn Star (thanks, babe!)

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