Helping You With Your Intimate Fashion Needs

Problem #1: So, you’ve been invited to a nudist colony, and you don’t have a thing to wear…

Technically, your problem isn’t what to wear so much as you feel compelled to wear anything at all. However, for the nudist with body &/or intimacy issues: Nudist Suits.

Nudist suits are fashions for the shy nudist — or for those who want to let it all hang out without getting a chill. (Photos are not for the squeamish.)

Problem #2: Anyone can wear their heart on their sleeve… What can you do to show him he’s your one and only?

Get panties with his face printed on them.

(I should also state that should your relationship end, you must not keep these as mementos — any new person in your life finding a drawer full of panties with assorted faces on them is going to be creeped out on sooooo many levels!)

Link sent to me by dear Sweat Shop Sissy.

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