Simon Says…

A cheeky bit on why men should “draw the line at buying her drawers.” Simon says:

Sexual equality is all well and good, but just as men stand up to wee and women sit down, there are certain roles which will always be gender specific.

I completely disagree, of course. But he’s funny.

(Perhaps I’m just ‘odd’ as I do go to the bar; have bought — and used — sand paper, power drills and step ladders; and have put oil in my cars… I prefer hubby to do the car stuff — and he must do all the snow removal. But I can do ‘masculine’ things. Although peeing standing up isn’t something I’ve even thought of doing.)

I personally think he should just get over his fears, stop being lazy, and do it. Buy her lingerie then go have a stiff one — one way or another. *wink*

Photo sent to me from TC (thank you!), but we don’t know who she is…

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