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I just discovered this blog Confessions of a Boob Fluffer: Tales From a Lingerie Salesgirl via this post, Red Is For Sluts, it’s a perfect compliment to Simon’s piece on men buying lingerie, yes?

Five Industrial Engineering students at the University of Miami developing a product for an Engineering Entrepreneurship class, and they need your help. They’re working on an affordable and stylish solution to the problem of storing and protecting bras for travel. Here’s the prototype. Give ’em your input, won’t you?

This image consultant says the first thing you should to to update your look is get new underwear. I have no idea if she’d a ‘good’ image consultant or not — but how bad can she be if she knows that? Then again, she says, “Those high waisted cotton Haines should be tossed. No one should have to wear those.” I dislike cotton… except for those days you just need to breathe deep. But I hope she didn’t say that because she’s anti-full coverage panties, because that would be a mistake…

Image: Sex Kitten Note Cards.

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