What Would You Do For Free Lingerie?

Would you answer survey questions if they promised you coupons or gift certificates? Many do.

Would you answer the questions via the phone? Maybe…

What if the questions were like this?

…being asked what lingerie she had bought, what clothing a rapist might force her to wear and what underwear her daughter might put on.

In another case, Miss Mainwaring said, a 60-year-old woman was asked by Maxwell about high heels, suspenders and stockings.

The woman became afraid and did not want to answer, she said, but Maxwell promised her clothing vouchers and asked what she would do if she came home and found a rapist in her bed.

Another incident involved Maxwell asking a woman over the telephone about the size of a man’s penis and whether it excited her.

I’d have hung up somewhere ’round the ‘what are you wearing?’ part and before the penis talk. Even free lingerie isn’t likely to come of it. (Pun unintended that time.) He’s a perv, not a telemarketer.

“He told officers he was at a low part in his life, was sexually frustrated and admitted making the calls,” she said.

“He said he got sexual gratification from talking to women about lingerie and sexual matters and that it was the same experience as a man might get from watching pornographic films.”

Gee, that’s a surprise, huh?

The UK man has been arrested and admitted to charges of making malicious phone calls of an offensive or indecent nature. He was sentenced to a three-year community order, to include a sex offenders programme.

Photo of Candy Barr.

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