Sniffing Out Bad (French) Ads

Don’t ask me what I was searching for — I’ll never tell — but look what I found:

Yes, that’s a man sniffing panties.

And there’s more where that ‘came’ from.

These ads are for Lejaby lingerie, and are supposed to communicate his longing for this woman, hence nose-deep in her presumably worn and abandoned knickers. In a way it’s almost touching…

But French feminists, La Meute, put a stop to the ads — not so much for nudity as for their “violence, submission, routine humiliation, the kind of campaign that embodies and transmits an image of the woman as object”.

I can neither fully agree nor disagree. As I said, it’s rather touching & romantic — and at least it’s honestly about the product as well as admitting to the sex aspect of lingerie. But I’m not sure I’d want to travel ’bout town with this sort of smell in the air either…

Lejaby is part of Warnaco, who apparently sees the ad history as non-stereotypical:

In 2004, Lejaby became the first lingerie brand to go against the tide of stereotypical lingerie advertising, breaking with the uniform iconography in the marketplace by launching an ad campaign that didn’t feature a woman—just the opposite, in fact. It features three young men.

If you think those ads stink, at least they were for lingerie. PS2 had a similar ad campaign with a man smelling panties — only the panties were in the shapes of the PS2 buttons.

(He’s smelling the triangle button?!)

I don’t know what this is supposed to be selling, other than sex which isn’t what the PS2 is (is it?!). But this ad campaign is also French by design.

Made by who has a strange history of crazy sex images. Look at this commercial featuring machines which pinch breasts and slap a female ass:

This company is obviously airing out some personal issues — they are also the makers of White is Black, an ad featuring male hands fondling all sorts of objects, including a bra. Go figure.

Viva la France?

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