Lingerie For Your Nipples!

Heavens, how did I not know about these?!

But thanks to Gracie at Sex-Kitten I now do.

According to the maker’s website, these are no mere decoration:

[The] invention includes a plurality, preferably three or more, rounded fingers that encircle the base of the nipple of the wearer. Such fingers arouse every sensual desire of the wearer in the area of the nipple adjacent to the fingers. The overall sensation is simply euphoric. This is as close to any aphrodisiac presently know to man.

Gracie (who has reviewed these beauties — including photos of her own beauties *wink*), says:

Never, I tell you, *never* has one product impressed me so much! And frankly, it is one of those products that makes you say “Why didn’t I think of that!” or “I have been waiting for these!”

…Nipple Huggers are handmade jewelry for your breasts. The ‘huggers’ themselves are made from wire to make pretty ‘daisy’ shapes around your nipples. Simple & elegant, yet sexy & erotic. Yes, I said erotic.

Forget any ideas of piercings (not that I had any such ideas — it would ruin my vintage lovelies!) Nipple Huggers aka Rings of Desire not only sound more appealing (arousing), but they offer so many more options than permanent body jewelry does.

I have pasties, but these are so much smaller, lighter, so they can be worn under clothing more easily. (At least until I remove things, one by one…)

Oh hubbieeee… These are now on my your list. Buy them for lil ol’ me and you’ll be glad you did (she said in a teasing sing-song voice).

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