MyOwnBrain Bordello Fashions

MyOwnBrain fashions are a trip — an acid trip. Or something. I’m no drug expert. But I’d imagine that if one was high and already a creative type, these are the sorts of racy designs they’d make.

This two-piece mesh lingerie set is a sheer delight.

I love the skirting and finished hem which makes it seem both lovely, dainty and yet so decadent…

Usually the word “mesh” makes me scream — it’s really just that scratchy nylon they use for cheap pantyhose — but this looks finer… maybe it’s the naughty photos?

While the mesh set is sexy, what’s really intriguing are these crotchless pantaloons.

Sure, they are totally impractical — strictly for the boudoir for me — but look at them!

The satin, the elegant-yet-mod lace hems on such wide-leg pants, that’s fashion detailing I wouldn’t have expected from crotchless pants. Well, then I guess I never thought of crotchless pants. Panties, yup. (I have some, remember?) But pants without a crotch never entered my fertile imagination.

And while I’m on the topic of crotchless pants, isn’t it interesting that they are open in the back? More like chaps than pants… I’m fascinated!

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