So? So What?

Sew buttons on your underwear!

I was shopping over at Etsy and I found this adorable bag — I love how the she included the old pun-slash-comeback in her description:

I’m sure you remember those teenage years when you thought you were so smart (and of course some of us actually were *wink*). I can’t tell you how many arguments I tried to end with “SO!” And my Mom would pipe right up with “So, buttons on your underwear!” Causing us both to burst into laughter and forget whatever it was we were arguing about.

It made me giggle remembering similar situations with my mom and friends, and I can’t wait to use it on my kids. That of course made me want to know where the saying came from, but no luck — that witty punster left this earth without being credited with their gift to the world.

Anywoo, for those who love vintage buttons — because like vintage lingerie, old buttons were so much nicer — here are some vintage lingerie buttons still on the original salesman’s card, and pages of other vintage buttons on cards.

I have oodles of old buttons, but still have not found the ones I am looking for… vintage white lamb buttons.

My (evil) step-grandma had them in her jar and I would look at the jars, and if very lucky I would be allowed to pour them on the table and run my fingers through them; they would feel cool and wonderful. Then one by one I would pick them up and look at them. Even the tiny plain white plastic buttons had something to notice, some detail. I would sort, trying to find matches or at least groups that would go together. The lambs were my favorite, but that woman would not give me even one.

(The lamb buttons were similar to, but not quite like, this one shown here, made into a necklace.)

She was too old (and mean) to sew. She certainly didn’t make anything for kids (anymore — there are other stories on that). But she wouldn’t let me have them either. In fact, this along with her calling me stupid, is why she is Evil Grandma (may she rest with Hitler). I was the only grandchild (step or natural) who had any interest in sewing or crafts of any type. (My mother buys, but does not make, handcrafted items.)

I remember once, I found at a rummage sale bits of cotton sheet with transfers ironed on — bunnies and puppies, a kitten, an elephant. Giddy I spent my quarter on the lot of a half-a-dozen rectangles & took them home. I asked mom what to do, how to sew and finish them, but she said to ask ‘her.’ I asked EG how to sew and she just said, “you sew them.” More intent on finishing them than pleasing her I just started stitching on those blue lines. I got half-way around one bunny and I showed EG. She complained my stitches were sloppy & that even had I used the embroidery hoop, I was too hopeless for her to bother with.

Not only was this the first time I’d heard of hoops, but I was 8.

Why wouldn’t EG teach me? I was the only one she had who gave a damn about it… Boy do I digress.

I just discovered this vintage button swap — and I think I’ve emailed in time. I will be majorly bummed if I am too late.

Maybe I’ll get a vintage lamb button, just like those in EG’s jars… If not now, someday… (See me with my fist raised to the sky, just like Scarlet vowing never to be hungry again!)

Take that EG!

If this all seems out of place at my lingerie blog — if you’re saying, “So?”

I say, “Sew buttons on yer underwear!”

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