Erotic Romance Authors Expose Themselves

The authors at The Blushing Ladies’ Journal are now exposing themselves — no, not in nude photos, but they’ll be answering your questions about marriage, your love-life, and giving away their secrets to all sorts of dishy subjects:

Here at The Blushing Ladies’ Journal you can ask for advice on relationships, romance and arousal ~ and receive it from authors who know about it.

Have a fantasy that you’re afraid to share… but really want to try it?

Wonder how you can figure out what your intimacy issue is?

Curious about how to put that ‘spark’ back into your relationship? (‘Everyone’ tells you that you must, but when it comes to the ‘how’ part, they’re a little weak aren’t they?)

Are you or your partner having problems getting in the mood?

Have you’ve tried everything under the sun, but nothing seems to work?

Wouldn’t it be cool if you had a more knowledgeable friend who’d tell you what they know? (And erotic romance authors do have that knowledge ~ they make characters draw close, fall in love, and get it on all the time!)

Well here we are and here’s your chance!

Lingerie can’t solve everything ya know *wink* So if you have questions, get expert advice and arousing answers!

Photo of Julie via Bill and his wonderful and naughty Lingerie Lovers and Panty Art website. © LLAPA, all rights reserved — though used with his permission, of course!

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