The Thrill of Thrift Shops

In Goodwill Hunting Patt Morrison shows she gets it:

Why walk into a department store where all you have to do is point at a garment, make sure it’s your size and pay? What’s the fun of that? Thrift-store shopping has all the thrill of hunting – but nothing gets killed, and you don’t have to wear orange.

Amen. (For both the ‘thrill’ and the ‘no orange’ lol) Though a voluptuous vixen has similar ‘thrills’ just finding lingerie in her size & taste at the department store. (And I don’t wear orange there either.) But in a thrift store you understand the hunt; at a department store you expect to find your not so rare size in bits of satin, Lycra and lace styles which the collective ‘everyone’ seems to want.

I also noted this bit:

Once you could find the luxe silk and lace of prewar lingerie – and that’s World War II, not Iraq. The linings of 1920s and ’30s garments were more beautiful than the outerwear of today: a woman’s coat lined in embroidered feather fabric; a man’s jacket lined in heavy satin and printed like a bullfighting poster, which I immediately turned inside out and had cut into a vest.

I notice how the “once you could find” part was not elaborated upon — but it’s true. It’s a very, very rare day indeed with you find such lingerie gems at a thrift shore.

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