Beneath Red Satin, an Erotic Story by Lila Darlen

There’s something about the slopes of her breasts that makes me hard. Maybe it’s how I imagine my cock sliding between that round, tan flesh. She teases me with that outfit; delicious nipples hidden just beneath red satin.

She regards me from the couch, but my attention is on the smooth curves that rise and fall. From the skirt of her lingerie, black straps tug at her stockings. Around her shoulders, the black boa feathers dance in the current of air I create as I kneel before my queen.

Her arms rise in a feign stretch, releasing the softest of moans. “Happy Valentine’s Day, lover.”

I caress her cheek before sliding my hand down her body.

She sighs and grabs my head, burying it into her cleavage. Jasmine and roses invade my senses, causing my mind to spin. My tongue delves into her valley and I taste the perfume. It doesn’t offend, but intensifies my hunger.

Her legs move, and the stockings whisper temptation.

I kiss over her breasts. She pushes my head up and caresses my chin. A smirk plays at the corner of her lips as she pulls down the cups just enough to expose her nipples. They pop out, hard and pink.

She guides my head to her left breast, and I tease the peak with the tip of my tongue. Oh . . . cherry. As I nibble her bud, she takes my hand and smoothes it down her stomach, over the skirt.

Suckling the cherry balm from her nipple is a passion- its flavor tingles my taste buds.

Her fingers push mine beneath the skirt, into the softness of her hairs. She holds my hand over her sex as she thrusts up and down, slipping my middle finger between the soft lips. Her fingers slide into my hair, grasping and pulling.

My cock is harder, begging for freedom, but my need is to pleasure her. Warm juices cover my palm and I spread them over her clit. To my delight, it’s swollen. She presses my finger against it and whimpers. I release her nipple and watch her face as I grab her nub and pull it gently. Her mouth is barely open, and her lips purse as an, “Oh,” escapes.

I caress the delicate folds of her pussy, soft strokes painting her sex with her juices. Her fingers join mine. She pulls my hair, tugging my head away, and spreads her wetness on her nipple.

Returning me to her breast, she moans as I flick the nipple, teasing myself with her taste. Resistance is futile and I suck it in completely, taking in as much of her as I can.

I slide two fingers into her pussy, and her walls tighten in a tease of what she will do once my cock is inside her. In and out my fingers move, and my prick throbs in anticipation.

She pushes me back and grabs at my slacks. I slip my jacket off while she undoes my pants and pushes them to my knees. Once I’m released, she sits back and smiles. Her fingernails brush against my shoulders and I lean forward.

She parts her legs and slides her fingers down my torso to my cock. Her fingertips caress my shaft in long, soft strokes. My ass tightens as I thrust into her grasp.

Pulling me forward by my cock, she lays it on her skirt and slips her hand beneath the soft material. From there, she grips my shaft and strokes it with the satin.

A new sensation tingles to my toes. I rest my cheek upon her chest, trying to calm myself. She continues to stroke as she kisses my hair, running her fingers down my neck.

I know I can’t take much more. “Stop, honey. Please?”

She complies, her heart beating a wild rhythm.

Once I settle, I straighten up and slip my arms under her thighs, pulling her closer. I position her legs over my shoulders and lean forward until my cock slides up and down her pussy. I tease her clit with the head, lubricating it with her wetness.

Her eyes are half closed as I move my cock to her entrance.

Pressing into her, I stare as her eyes shut tight and her mouth parts in a sweet sigh. Inch by inch I enter. Her pussy tightens around my cock. It sends an exquisite shiver along my shaft. Once hairs meet, I release my breath in a moan.

With my hands on her hips, I pull out and thrust back with a slow, easy rhythm.

She reaches down and fingers her clit. I’m on the verge of coming, and my pace quickens. I wish I could hold on, but I can’t. My balls slap against her ass as I slam into her fast and hard. My face burns and my lips curl as I explode into her.

She squeals and her calves tighten against my neck. My body is out of control, yet I continue to slam despite my trembling legs.

The pace slows as I press deeper into her. Once she’s drained the last drops of cum, I relax my grip and rest upon her body. I bury my face into her cleavage and breathe in her scent.

She purrs as her fingers play with my hair. “Oh darling,” she says, “that was incredible.”

I smile at her. “Thank you, honey. That was an awesome gift.”

She giggles. “We must shower before the kids are home.”

I gather my clothes. “That won’t be for another hour.”

She slaps my ass. “Yes, but now I want my present.” She runs for the stairs and shouts, “In the shower!”

I can hardly wait.

Story, written by Lila Darlen, courtesy of Tit-Elation; photo courtesy of Glamour Gurlz. Published with permission!

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