Male Lingerie Shoppers Need Help

One lingerie boutique has created shopping events for men only saying:

“[Men] must push through hordes of women to get to the fishnet stockings, push-up bras and lacy knickers. All the time, they wonder if fiddling with the labels and touching the delicate items is inviting unwanted stares. The result is a rushed purchase in the wrong size.”

I wonder just how many of these men purchasing lingerie are buying the items as gifts for women. How many are buying the items for themselves?

It doesn’t matter to me — like the article says, “shopping should be fun, not terrifying” — but I wonder if they really know their customers as well as they think.

No matter the reason, good turn-out and strong sales and these events should make more lingerie stores consider this option.

Another point of interest in this article were the statistics:

According to a 2005 M&S survey conducted in the UK, only 34 per cent of women were pleased with the underwear their partners bought.

A staggering 33 per cent of male respondents also said they didn’t know their partner’s vital statistics.

So if 66% disliked the lingerie gifts they were given, size isn’t the only issue. Even if the 33% who admit they don’t know her size did make bad purchases (bad enough for the women to be ‘displeased’), that would still leave another 33% who either don’t know they don’t know her size or who made horrible decisions regarding styles.

What’s really sad is that these errors are so easy to fix. Look in her drawers and get the sizes right off her dainties. While there, note the styles she wears. How hard can that be?

Men, you need to pay more attention. You keep telling us to wear more lingerie. You keep telling us it has great power over you. Then you drop the ball!

(Photos are of Jean Harlow in Red Dust.)

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