This Just In… Men Like Curvy Women (Or: We Are Marilyn Monroe!)

Based on the comments of Huck and Georgina, among others, I just had to share this…

On February 28, 2007 former plus-size model Nancy Hayssen went on Fox News and shared her “groundbreaking poll results” which shattered the myth that “Men can never be too rich and women can never be too thin.”

Hayssen claims that the poll results, which was taken by thousands and is still ongoing, “clearly indicated that 80% of men are attracted to curvy women rather than super-thin stick figures.”

I’m not very surprised. Why would a (hetero) man want a body that looks like his own (or for that matter the body of a pre-pubescent girl or boy?) Despite what media shows us, curves are desirable.

According to Hayssen, when men were asked the open-ended question “Who do you think is the sexiest woman ever?” the majority of men did not answer with the name of a celebrity, but rather with, “my wife” or “my girlfriend.” I think most men agree — it’s only natural to be turned on by the one you love and the body you are most intimate with. (OK, and maybe a few were afraid to name anyone else lol)

During the Fox News show, they discussed Hayssen’s sexy photos and those of Marilyn Monroe. Like Monroe, Nancy Hayssen is a size 14: the size of the average American woman.

You can click here to see the Fox News clip.

I participated in the poll which promised to “email you the results”, but so far have only received an email saying, “We will email you the results in the next coming week.”

Of course, all of this is done in attempts to sell something… Her book, ‘You Can Be Sexy at Any Size’ which includes 101 insider secrets collected during her years as a plus-size model. And I noticed after submitting my poll answers, I was given a page selling a book on how to enter the plus-size modeling industry (not!)

You can find out more at Nancy Hayseen’s blog.

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