It’s Not About Fashion; It’s About Permissiveness

Over at Sex-Kitten DeeDee discusses the way we dress little girls:

Children are not miniature adults and should not be dressed like them. Dressing your child like a little “sexually free third wave feminist” does not make her mature enough to be one, but it will make others think of her that way. When you send little Susie out the door dressed in hooker boots, mini-skirt and a midriff-baring tee with “Up To No Good” on the front, what do you think people see?

This is not about fashion, it’s about permissiveness. As a little girl I didn’t get to wear what momma wore — no matter how much I may have wanted to. There were rules for what was appropriate for mom, an adult; and another set of rules for what was appropriate for me, a child. Now it seems (for that’s the excuse) whatever little Lola wants, she gets. Even if it makes her out to be a Lolita before she’s even old enough to understand what she’s asking for.

You know I agree (my previous posts tell you so — and one is even linked to in this column). But even more disgusting and frankly a surprise to me is the latest in ‘fashions’ for infants, including baby boys:

Now, the latest in our offensive sexualizing is boys. Onesies for babies which read “Hung like a 5 year old.” … Yes, it’s for infants and it’s sexual. “Get me a bottle, bitch,” may have it’s humor value, but to make your child wear a walking invitation for sexual thought, where is the humor in that?

The people who make this should be ashamed of themselves — but the people who put it on their kids should be examined by professionals as to their ability to parent. Funny? Maybe. But the thought of anyone looking at my son as a sexual being or object is repulsive.

You can read the rest of her thoughts on permissive sexual humor for kids clothing here — and see some of the tees (I just couldn’t bring myself to use any images & in crediting give these sellers any traffic/sales).

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