The Pantyhose Craft Book

When I saw that Pop Tart had this post, I just had to borrow her copy and see what fashions were in this book. She was kind enough to let me borrow it so I could share it with you.

Let’s see… First up, here’s an idea for saving old pantyhose — you paint over the run:

A run that comes from the top could terminate in a tiny spider, painted or embroidered at the end of the run to prevent its traveling any farther. A run from the bottom can become the stem of a tiny decorative flower.

In this day of tattoos, I bet this would actually be cool — if it works. Here’s what the book says about how to do it:

Acrylic paints can be used to add an embroidery like decorative detail to hose. Again, it is important to have a glassy surface inside the stocking on which to paint. Any smooth-surfaced bottle or plastic container will do. The acrylic should be straight from the jar or thinned only slightly. Opaque dots of the paint should sit on the surface of the nylon.

They also say that nylons can be tie-dyed in brilliant colors to disguise small mends.

Pantyhose can also, so the books says, be used to make halter tops, sun suits and swimsuits.

The halter is made from the legs which are cut off from two pairs of stretch-knit pantyhose. One leg is used to make the band which ties around the rib cage. Take two other legs and, measuring from the toe end, determine how long a strip is needed to tie them behind the neck. Join the midriff band in front, as shown in the drawing. Cut away any excess. The finished two ends make a tie for the halter. For a larger bra top, use the upper portion of the hose, cutting off the foot section and knotting the cut end. Both ends of the hose are cut off for the section going around the ribs.

This next swimsuit is called “Blue Evening” so I gather it’s made with blue pantyhose.

The top is made from pantyhose which has a front and back center seam with an inset gusset section and stretch lace is sewn about the neckline. The shorts are made from two pairs of pantyhose — in two shades — with the legs cut off. The darker is worn beneath the lighter so when turned up you get the contrasting ‘cuff.’

You know I use to believe that the only good pantyhose were dead pantyhose in the garbage lol But seeing these ideas here and the floor rugs made by crocheting pantyhose makes me re-think them — and the nylon stockings that are too damaged to wear. So again I say read/see what Pop Tart says about The Pantyhose Craft Book.

(I’ll be sure to let you know if the painting and embroidery works once I try it out!)

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