My, My, My, I’ve Got the Miss Katie Blues

One of my readers, Rx, directed me (quite some time ago) to visit Miss Katie’s. I finally got around to it and one look at the stunning corsets made me even more ashamed I had waited so long to make my visit.

Pale blue and cream brocade with lavish trims and blows in cream this set (girdle corset that laces under the bust and matching bikini bra) makes me dream…

This open-bottom girdle and bra set is also available in a stunning burgundy taffeta adorned with cream colored trim as well as burgundy and cream bows.

“For more than 10 years, Miss Katie has created exquisite costumes for those members of London’s fashionable demi-monde that like to be “constrained” in their clothing. Initially specializing in outrageous latex, she subsequently used fine satins and silks to realize her vision of exotic yet wearable corsetry.”

Miss Katie also does custom made-to-measure service — which I believe Rx and his wife were quite satisfied with *wink*

I can remember the first time I ran my hand up a nyloned leg to encounter the bump of a suspender and the smooth flesh of ‘the paradise strip’ between stocking welt and knicker lace and how my heart beat faster….and the frisson of getting a made to measure corset made for my wife and pulling the laces tight.

I highly recommend that you look at what custom work Miss Katie can do — but really, what’s already in her store is absolutely stunning.

If you prefer the all in one, drop get a load of this one.

A more traditional corset, overbust corset, again in pale blue and cream brocade with cream and blue ribbons and bows.

Charming and sexy!

Just when a girl thinks she has the choices narrowed-down (with her imaginary pocketbook no less) she spots this beauty.

Called the Parisian, this black satin concoction demands to be worn in public.

Black heavyweight satin corset with an attached white scarf which can be tied in a halter-neck style or worn off the shoulder, and asymmetrical poppers in white, this and is so glamorous that you surely wouldn’t limit yourself to only wearing this in your boudoir…

With it’s classic sleek lines you’d need not wait for your chance on the stage as a performer either. This is classy evening wear. (Stage or not, the spotlight will be on you.)

I love this version with the stark-white contrasting laces up the back.

So I’ve finally made my choice; the Parisian it is. Every girl needs a little black corset — why it’s more vital than the little black dress! Then which one of the blue brocade sets? Perhaps the all-in-one as I can always get the two-piece set in burgundy… Now if only my real pocketbook were so giving…

Be sure to click the pics for larger photos — then get over to Miss Katie’s!

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