Thoughts From Across The Pond

One dear reader from the UK, David, emailed me regarding the woman who’s upset at the underwear advertisements:

(I bet she finds the Venus de Milo offensive.)

We have small minded bigots here in the U.K. too. It’s impossible to reason with them, their small minds are so full of their daft ideas.

What bothers me is that they are free to vote!

David kills me because well, frankly I believe the whole world views us as Ugly Americans — so don’t they know this about us?

Don’t they know that this country is full of sexually repressed people who do banish nude artworks from museums? Don’t they know we are a country where it seems that the majority of the small-minded and bigoted vote, leaving us with this experiment we’ve been having for the past six years? I just figured the whole world knew and was laughing at us.

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