You Can Count on Frederick’s

It’s so nice to see glamour back — and some might argue that at Frederick’s of Hollywood glamour never left.

Frederick’s is about to launch their latest spring designs and I got a sneak peek — Just look at this gorgeous pleated halter dress. A sultry shimmering gown, with a more practical length (so you actually have a place to wear it!), and look at the beading on the straps and waistline!

It doesn’t scream ‘vintage glamour’; it whispers it in a come-hither way…

With this, you are so ready for your close-up.

This dress and other sexy glamour dresses are available at this special link — not only do you get a sneak peek, but you’ll save 30% on select styles (until April 1, 2007).

(Now if they would only make real slips instead of luring us over with a ‘chemise & slips’ category which contains only the former. :sigh: A built-in bra is nice, but where’s the slip to wear with this beauty? I’ve got many vintage ones in my closet, but what about the rest of your customers?)

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