No More Sad-Saks

Saks has decided to grow up.

No longer a sad-sack for flirting with, but not garnering the attentions of, young women (25-34), Saks is renewing it’s vows to women of substance.

Under Stephen Sadove, named chief executive officer 14 months ago, Saks is now trying to lure back its onetime core customers: well-to-do women 35 to 55.

“It feels really good to be in a grown-up store,”
said Leslie Billera, 38, a copywriter and Saks Fifth Ave. customer.

Let’s just hope that Saks’ isn’t just going after wider wallets, but remembers the true size of women. Sadove, if you’re reading here, take a hint from my Macy’s rant — carry proper sized garments.

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