Lingerie News Briefs

Now that that‘s off my chest, let’s get back to lingerie, shall we?

Mandolina of The Lingerie Post contacted me (regarding the Macy’s mess) and was very kind. (She’s a darling, really.)

Over at her site they have a lingerie forum and a blog with lots of info on modern lingerie, so sexy shoppers, head on over (and see how to get free lingerie too!)

In celebrity lingerie news, Anne Hathaway is struggling with fame and privacy issues:

“The weirdest thing that I still can’t get used to, and I refuse to accept, is when people try to unpack my bags for me. It just freaks me out, I don’t want people touching my underwear.”

At least Hathaway owns panties (and it sounds like she wears them), which is more than we can say for many other celebs.

While Anne guards her panties, a hockey fan throws (presumably) her leopard print bra onto the ice during a game:

A fan tossed a bra onto the ice near the Vancouver bench, and the lingerie ended up on the end of the stick of Canucks defenceman Willie Mitchell.

He tried to pass the bra to referee Dave Jackson, who was hesitant to remove the object before the faceoff as fans howled in approval.

I love the image of a hockey ref being afraid of a lacy underthing. Isn’t he there to stop brawls? I guess it was the wild animal print that scared him — Grrrrr.

Have you seen Panties for Peace? You know I’m not the thong type, but with 50% of all panty profits being donated to Save Darfur, I might have to think about it. After all, I am a woman with a passion for peace. And who doesn’t want panties which come with love at no extra charge?

(Somehow that last line sounds far dirtier when I say it than it likely reads at their site… I have no idea how that happens…)

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