Fashion Backward

While every one’s talking about House of Holland’s “anti-skinny model” tees, there’s more to the story than just the rubber tee with “I’ve Got More Than A Handful For Naomi Campbell” stamped on it.

The House of Holland started just months ago by Henry Holland (a BA graduate from the London College of Printing) and already has generated a cult following. Major international stores including Colette in Paris, Barneys in New York and Harvey Nichols in London stock the good.

Reminiscent (rip off) of 80’s tees by Katharine Hamnett (Choose Life, Frankie Says Relax, etc.), Holland’s using the fashion world and its icons for puns & rhymes. Fashionistas are buying them like crazy.

Here’s a selection of the Holland tee slogans:

“You Would If You Could Cindy Crawford”

“Let’s Play Naked Twister, Linda Evangelista”

“I’m a Tosser for Coco Rocha”

“Do me daily, Christopher Bailey”

“My Flies Are Undone, Lily Donaldson”

“UHU Gareth Pugh”

“Cause Me Pain Hedi Slimane”

“Grab My Wiener, Iekelienne”

“Wham, Bam, Thank-you Stam”

“Flick Your Bean For Agyness Deyn”

“I’ll Show You Who’s Boss, Kate Moss”

Holland himself says, “I think the reason the fashion industry likes them is because it’s sending them up – having a laugh at them and with them rather than being a bit too serious”.

While I admit some of his lines are clever, it’s my opinion that you can get the same sort of humor from a Cafe Press t-shirt — at least on a Cafe Press shirt you can read it, all the patterned shirts can make the text less easy to read.

At least Holland has a sense of humor and a down to earth perspective about himself and his designs, for the last day of the big show, he himself wore one of his own tees which read “One Trick Pony.”

Info & photos via The Sydney Morning Herald Blogs, Vogue UK, and V Magazine Blog (which shows some photos from the BoomBox Party showing that fashion types dress like any drunk kids partying in mom & dad’s basement — if you have time, I recommend the laugh at all the ‘pretty people’).

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