Romancing the Panties

A charming young man, The Provocateur, emailed me with his confessions of panty lust. Already an exhibitionist, it was easy to encourage him to lengthen his arousal regarding panties, and the women who wear them, into a longer essay — an ode even.

Sadly, he posted this pensive panty pontification, titled Panties as Exhibition, at his blog so I will have to send you there to read it. (I told you he was young — it will take him some time to learn that when a lady invites you in, she means over to her house. Don’t worry, I’ll get him here yet. And he’ll think it was all his idea too. *wink*)

He begins with these two simple but powerful sentences:

I want to know something I shouldn’t know.

I want to see something hidden.

Yes, young Provocateur, you understand the powers of mystery, seduction, and longing… It’s not pure, simple romance (by insipid definition) that relationships need to thrive and thrill, but the complicated, questing romance of hide and seek. Legends speak of The Dance of the Seven Veils, not The Lay Naked Spread Eagle for a reason. Like legal cases, relationships are often won or lost in Discovery.

The Provocateur’s insights and words are making females swoon with delight. They say he speaks to them, about them (or will do so once they get their hands upon him). Words do make even the most practical of women quite silly, after all… He blogs the panties right off these girls.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that his cock likes to be both photographed and published at his blog either. *wink* Well, he is an exhibitionist.

So now the Internet is a twitter with with gossipy girls who want to meet The Provocateur — and they say it’s because of his way with words. That’s their story, and they are sticking to it.

My story is that he came to me (the proof is in the dedication to his panty post), and proferred his undying erection -err, affection. And that’s because this (old married) woman understands the power in a glimpse — be it lace, skin or wit. So ladies, remember not to throw yourselves at The Provocateur. Let him get a glimpse of you here and there… And then let him come looking for you.

As he wrote, “It is the provenance of fantasy and that unswerving desire to know more.”

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