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Over at SK, Dr Paul discusses his story of an ill-fated love with lingerie: Lingerie; for Women; Men or Both? Kevin’s comment shows this is more common than you’d think. (Cross dressers, don’t forget the discussion here too.)

Pantia appears to be a lingerie blog. I say ‘appears’ because I can’t understand a word of it. But there are some very nice photos and they were kind enough to link to me, so take a look-see.

An odd knickers twist: a Belfast man claims he was an elf when he held a female shop assistant at knife point in a robbery at a lingerie shop.

Beho — sorry, that’s his elf name — Robert Boyd says that he was “under the influence of a computer game” at the time and not only remembers nothing but shouldn’t be held accountable; he blurred fantasy and reality when he stole the two sets of bras, knickers, suspender belts and stockings. According to the article, “he believed it possible Beho had wanted to rob the shop, but that he couldn’t remember his actions during the crime.”

Somewhere a female elf, imagined or no, sits awaiting the return of Beho the Lingerie Giver… Poor thing.

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