Not Enough Lingerie in The Land of Kamasutra

In India folks are complaining about women not “understanding” lingerie:

“We need to first move away from the mindset that lingerie just serves a basic function. Women need to understand that beautiful lingerie is an extension of your body and that there is nothing wrong in wearing seductive lingerie for pleasure. It can be pleasure that you seek for yourself or your partner. It is just as important as the sari or the sandals that you choose to wear.”

However, it’s rather clear part of the problem there, as it is here, is in the lack of offerings.

“Indian lingerie is not as advanced as the international brands,”
they claim. And hold up international travel as providing a lingerie bonanza:

No wonder that Indian women traveling abroad go berserk at the sight of rows and rows of absolutely gorgeous lingerie. In fact, most lingerie stores abroad are brimming with new cuts and styles, fabric, and colors that change every season.

Ahh, if only these Indian women could see & feel vintage lingerie — then they’d not only understand more about how important lingerie is, but “berserk” would be an understatement.

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