I’ve Been Framed

So many confessions at the end of last week; so many more this weekend… Slip’s moving through them all as quickly as she can (which isn’t very fast as I do give each the attention deserved).

Your confessions do matter and my responses are coming.

While you (im)patiently wait, here’s something to do:

* Purchase this cute decoupaged frame with vintage lingerie art. There’s only one, so when it’s gone we’ll all have to make our own anyway — why not start now?

I propose a crafty contest wherein you all make crafty decoupage items featuring lingerie (of course).

The rules are simple:

1) Make a unique, pretty &/or sexy girly item featuring lingerie images.

2) Send it to me — the image I mean (though gifts are welcome Heh Heh) — by April 5th, 2007. And include an artist statement (a note that this is your creation, that you own the rights to it, and that you allow me the right to publish the photo/image at A Slip of a Girl). If the item is for sale, &/or you have a site you’d like me to link to, please include that information too.

3) I’ll select my favorite & pronounce you Most Crafty of Them All.

Winner receives a “Most Crafty of Them All” icon for their website/blog and $10 prize (via PayPal, Amazon donations, or an Amazon gift certificate — your choice).

Be sure to use an email account you actually use so that I may contact you with any questions.

Do it because you love it. Do it for the prize. Do it because idle hands are the devil’s workshop. Do it because you love lingerie. Do it because you love me.

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