Roll Up That Newspaper and Spank Me with the Lingerie Ads

J.C. Penney’s new Ambrielle lingerie is supposedly to be the retailer’s attempt at going after Victoria’s Secret and if the reaction to its ad campaign is any proof, it seems to be on the mark: Saucy ads for lingerie upset the mom of teenage boys.

I’ve only seen the TV commercials which I found to be quite bland and boring for a company going after the “modern sensual woman”. (The lingerie itself also.) Here, see for yourself:

Nothing that you don’t see wandering a spa or gym locker room or if you could look inside any home on a weekday morning.

However the upset mom noted earlier (who is said not to be alone) wrote:

I would like to continue to receive the newspaper, as I enjoy it very much, but I will most definitely stop my service if I am going to have to continue to put up with the pornography that comes along with it.

Every Sunday I get up extra early to screen the paper and take out all of the smutty underwear ads before my teenage boys are exposed to them. Every week there is something offensive, but the JC Penney’s ad yesterday for their new Ambrielle line of underwear was the worst I have ever seen. I was outraged and disgusted and I won’t put up with it any more. Either the ‘soft porn’ advertising goes or I stop taking your paper!

Wow. I suppose she has those boys blindfolded during bathing for their own protection too.

Doesn’t she know that those boys will be aroused by damn near anything? Undie ads are better than some alternatives. In fact, they are a time honored tradition in our culture (which may or may not vary much from her Utah culture). Posted right here are a few vintage underthings ads which I’m sure have been recipients of a boy’s spanking in more ways than one.

I bet she would have complained about this old Ovaltine ad too.

Said angry mom also wrote: “Surely underwear sales can’t be the main source of income for these stores, so why is it given so much ad space?” I suggest she read here for an idea of just how much money is spent on undies. She really has no clue about boys, teens, or underwear.

It’s like something is wedged up her hiney that’s for sure. Whether it’s her head or practical white panties is the real question.

The response to her consumer action brought this reaction from the columnist: “Actually, letters from angry parents to an advertiser would do more to change the advertiser’s message than anything I might say.” True dat. Might I suggest those of us who find these or any other ads perfectly fine show our support by writing advertisers letters of our own?

Dear lingerie company,

Keep the good ads coming. I love to see your product romancing from the page, the TV screen, etc. I must have them! Please keep making the wonderful lingerie — and continue to entice me with your advertising.


Of course, there are very few companies I can think of who both make wonderful lingerie and produce romantic enticing ads. But the idea is a good one.

(Should you be an advertising junky, read here for more on the ad team behind the Ambrielle campaign.)

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