Hanes and Hewitt: Nice Pair

Reprising her role as someone Hanes has their hands on, Jennifer Love Hewitt now hawks their latest Comfort Bra, the All-Over Comfort Bra with ComfortSoft Straps.

(In 2006 Hewitt was part of the Hanes Perfect Panty pitch, prompting men everywhere to hide women’s magazines under their mattresses for the lingerie ads — some traditions never die.)

Tonight, during American Idol, the ads for the new bra were presented. In them, Hewitt has troubles with falling straps, poking and assorted other bra discomfort during her modeling shoots:

Along with the behind the scenes footage, Hanes website has commercial outtakes, an interactive “Bra Toss” game, a blog where consumers can vent about their biggest bra challenges, and a sweepstakes.

While the actress has often joked that her “breasts have a career of their own. I just accept them as a great accessory to every outfit,” and they, along with the rest of her, certainly are beautiful, I wonder if Hanes has missed it’s mark with this ad…

How many comfort issues does a B cup have compared to we bigger busted gals? Proof of her B cup status is this photo. Guys, I know I can count on you to tell me if I am wrong.

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