What Can Silence Screaming Hussy Red Panties?

These vintage nylon pettipants are in what I’d call ‘hussy red’ — the seller calls it ‘Corvette red’ but tomato tomatoe.

I love the pencil style legs and the black lace accents.

I’ve shown you the back first because, as you will see, the photo of the front has well, a distraction…

Look at the breasts on that mannequin.

Between the size of the breasts and the sheer bra I see swirling & shimmering boobies… Or is that just me?

Anyway, the mannequin’s rack’s enough to make you forget about the sexy pettipants. Almost. It’s only the color, hussy red, that gives them a shot at being seen.

I know because hubby has the same problems with my 36 DDs and a sheer black bra… To bad these vintage panties aren’t in my size — he might then notice the lower half of me. *wink*

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