Getting The Most Out Of Your Lingerie

If you ever wondered why my husband continues to enable my lingerie addiction… If you’ve ever wondered how a couple can share passion for lingerie — more than just a man looking at a woman wearing it… Here’s an excerpt from a story over at Bill Turlock’s Lingerie Lovers Panty Art website sure to educate and inspire you. This is part of Slip Story #48, and we join in on the story already in progress…

So I have her lie on her back and slide the slit into front. Then I can climb on top and pump inside her through the slit while she spreads her legs slightly. With her legs still covered with the slip, I get a wonderful sensation on my own legs as I slide up and down on her stockings. Finally I pull her breasts out above the lacy top and they are somewhat supported below by the fabric, like a bustier. Then she can put her feet over my shoulders and make me go really deep. The pressure on her clit and tender kisses on her breasts usually make her come, while the stocking covered legs on my shoulders and gliding of my thighs across her slips drives me wild.

While this might sound like the ultimate in silky sensation, there is more, and she really knows how to do it right. She likes it tight and I like it slippery. The perfect position is for her to stand beside the bed and lean over onto the mattress. When she stands up and moves the slit to the back, I know it is my turn to get my way. I slide my cock up the slit until I find her wet pussy from behind and grab her breasts as they hang down towards the bed. I can tease her at the entrance for a long time before she begs for it all the way in. So then with long strokes, all the way in and almost all the way out, I will slowly pump her until we are both panting and screaming. In the candle light I can see my cock sliding past the lace of the slit into her. So I make sure to pull the slip down across her butt, with the slit in the middle, so that my cock gets extra friction from the silky lace as I slide in and out. I also get a wonderful feeling of my legs against her slip and stocking-covered legs.

But like I said she likes it tight and I like it slippery. So when we are both ready to come, I grab her buttocks and slide my hands up and down on the two slips while squeezing them together to tighten them against her pussy and my cock. About ten thrusts like this always ends the same wonderful way. Then we both climb into bed and cover up while I hold her “spoon style” from behind as we both drift off to sleep.

Now, can you understand why hubby really wants to feed my lingerie addiction?

Image courtesy of Glamour Gurlz.

Story Copyright © 2007, The Author, All Rights Reserved, used by permission.

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