Your Puppies Won’t Buy My Love

Victoria’s Secret launched Pink in July, 2004 and now it’s annoying the hell out of me.

Pink is a line of “loungewear, sleepwear, and intimate apparel geared towards college undergraduates.” It’s everything that lingerie and classic loungewear lovers hate: It’s Casual Friday’s for the boudoir.

Sure I get that college kids want pjs and cotton camis. They wear them in the dorm, they wear them to class — hell, I see pajama pants worn to the mall. But can’t they get those cotton comfies anywhere?

Yesterday I walked my local mall (it’s a winter thing I do; even if the wallet can’t make a move, the body needs to) and I was assaulted by a pink cotton confection worthy of GAP Kids.

Small (not slender), short (not petite), mannequins with pink sweatshirts and cotton tees and little pink stuffed dogs everywhere. Layers of cotton garments, pink & white polkadots & puppy dogs?! Is this supposed to be the storefront from the company at the forefront of sexy? Images of pink children and plush toys are not what I want in my erotic mind at all.

Despite the fact that the word ‘pink’ is now a euphemism for women’s private bits, this whole line is marketed towards the prim — and casual & comfortable. The closest it gets to the bedroom is as costuming for pillow fights. There is nothing, I repeat nothing, sexy or special about it. (Unless, perhaps, you are turned on by being a walking, napping, corporate branding device in cotton clothing which can be found anywhere.)

As a woman, I say “Yuck!” As a woman with a girly side I can see why they’re pushing the pink pups — they’re cute and girly. But I don’t buy my lingerie to get a cute stuffed toy; I am way past the Garanimals, thank you. It’s too, “Come here little girl, and I’ll give you a cute stuffed doggy…” :shudder:

I wonder if this store display is to counter act negative reactions to scantily clad mannequins… But if it is, let me state my complaint loudly and publicly here: What a horrid window.

From a marketing point of view it’s a nightmare. I never liked VS much, but here I am in the mall walling my laps, passing by several times in several directions and you’ve got my attention — if you had some sexy pieces in the window my impulsivity might overcome my common sense and I might pry open my wallet and buy something. Instead, all you get from me, Vickie, is this rant over your stupidity.

If you want to sell sex, sell sex, damnit. Sex sex to adults. Don’t push the childlike cotton jamies and plush puppy dogs. Leave that for your sister stores, of which you have many. Perhaps Bath & Body Works would do better with this as a cotton spa line? If not, send this child-demon-spawn over to Tween Brands where it belongs.

I don’t know why I care so much, Vickie. You seem to have stopped listening to me and all the other lingerie lovers long ago.

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