The Price of Panty Tracking

News on radio frequency identification (RFID) technology for fashion — i.e. those tags to track purchases. Here’s something interesting from this article:

Peter Harrop, chairman of RFID specialist IDTechEx, said that companies planning to use RFID must conduct trials that show customers the technology’s benefits, such as well-stocked stores, and address potentially sensitive issues from the outset.

Harrop pointed to the decision by clothing retailers Benetton Group and Prada (I Pellettieri d’Italia) to drop their RFID trials after receiving negative reaction to tags being put in women’s lingerie and women’s dresses, respectively. “I think Prada was quite surprised by the reaction of women shopping in its New York store who didn’t like the idea of the store recording dress sizes,”Harrop said.

I am surprised they didn’t think of this. And it doesn’t bode well for use on lingerie. I certainly don’t like the idea of ‘someone’ being in my panties and gathering information.

Apparently this is already happening, rfid in panties I mean, and I wonder, are stores and manufacturers only interested in stopping this — in customer opinion — when the price tag is ‘high enough’ to warrant attention? Mass market consumers seem to be of less value in more ways than one.

Technology like this is just one more reason to love vintage panties (like the stunners shown here!) from individual sellers who have no interest in using rfid.

Should you be a fan of rfid, or a helpless male who doesn’t know how to do laundry, check this out.

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