My Kingdom For Peignoir Sets

This peach rayon satin peignoir set from the 1930’s may never have been worn, but how can that be?! Look at the embroidered chiffon trim, the gorgeous padded shoulders, the sweet button closure… I just swoon.

I would never stick that in a chest and forget about it. And to hell with ‘saving for a special occasion’ — any time you’d wear it, it would be one.

Why don’t they make more peignoir sets now? Sure, they have a few for brides, but then what? And why only in white?

I am pouting, I know it — stamping my little slippered foot too.

(Though I must admit I’ve just added this to my list for hubby — just look at the sleeves!!)

I want lingerie companies to make more peignoir sets. And not just any ‘gown and robe’ combinations, but lovely sets with pretty details. I mean we can put technology into textiles, track panties (in more ways than one), and fly drone planes, but we somehow have lost the ability or desire to make lingerie romantic, sensual and feminine.

I have to share this set too. A 1940’s champagne satin bias cut gown and sheer peignoir set with lace inset, trim, ribbon ties at the shoulder, side-seam ties in the back (gives a glorious shape, I assure you), and slightly puffed sleeves which button at the cuff.

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