Sins of The Mother

Forgive me, Dear Blog Reader, for I have sinned — it’s (almost) been a week since my last confession…

Kids fell like dominoes with the flu, one tipping into the next, leaving mom to set-right their fallen bodies. This, of course, is no lingerie wearing mom experience. Which brings me to a point I’ve long wanted to make here — more thoughts on the death of lingerie & lingerie lovers.

While I don’t want puke on my pretty vintage lingerie, I don’t particularly want it on my cotton nightshirt either. However, moms as a general rule cannot wear sexy things to bed at night (other than for play), or sleep naked, because moms are always on-call. Their hours never end — not just to tend to children at all hours but as keepers of propriety.

Our current US environment is so damn prudish that ‘mom as sexual being’ is the stuff child protective service cases are made of. Moms in peek-a-boo black nylon baby doll nighties may not appear, caring and concerned, at a their own child’s bedside because this is a form of sexual abuse.

How dare children know mom is a woman with breasts? Breast feeding is for infants who will not remember the soft, fleshy orbs; any other knowledge of breasts is to remain under (not too tight) sweaters and later be the stuff of fears for girls and dreams for boys.

It should never be known that mom has a saucy set of buttocks, lovely legs, or a wispy waist flowing into rounded hips. Heck, mom in a swimsuit is a moment of mind-blowing wonder for many. These parts (or fact regarding parts) are things reserved for private — solo showers, the bedroom — and even mom had better not think about herself as she washes and dresses. Private parts aren’t even for private times really. (Maybe we moms should all close our eyes and shower for The Queen.)

The ‘va-jay-jay’ should never be alluded to unless it’s ‘the curse’ talk for girls and ‘how babies are made’ for girls and boys. And then neither lesson is complete without shame, embarrassment and an overall sense of filth so that no one wants to see or know more of “what’s down there.” I firmly suspect that our current craze of shaving off of our Pubic hair is part of this societal need — no one dares find a wisp of a curly hair at the ol’ bikini line because it’s a reminder of the dreaded ‘va-jay-jay.’ Likely the reasons why panty lines had to banished as well.

A mom in lingerie appearing even peripherally in the life of a child is not only scaring to the children, but risky for all because if dad likes mom, lusts after her, well then sex might be normal, natural and even enjoyable. We wouldn’t want that now would we.

Americans mothers are to be as voluminously covered in sweatpants and over-sized tee shirts as Arab women in burqas, and, for all intents and purposes, for the same reason.

Even in sleep American moms must dress thus, for you never know when you’ll need to tend to a sick child, take an early morning pee, and the robe may open… And you wouldn’t want to scar a child, have him or her removed from your home. Heaven help us! Save the children from the sight of mommie’s body! Keep them ignorant of the knowledge that mom is sexual human being — that we all are.

Give me the freedom to wear lingerie when I wish, sans fear that my children might see. Should they see, so what? Let us all live in a nation where human sexuality isn’t kept cloaked in a pristine, bulky, white, terry cloth bathrobe.

So, Dear Blog Reader, what is my penance; how many Hail Mary’s must I say?

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