Stop and Smell The Panties

In this excerpt from ‘On Siesta Key’, by Alicia Night Orchid, Lacey and Sienna take a well-deserved vacation. Going through the suitcase Lacey finds Sienna’s underthings and takes a moment to stop and smell the panties… Adults only!

Below the emerald green panty, I found that black thong, just a wisp of fabric really. I buried my face in it. Beneath the artificial fragrance of detergent, I detected the earthier scent of urine and sex.

A few years ago, I returned from an overnighter to an unusually quiet house. My daughter was sleeping, the lights were dimmed. A candle beckoned me to the stairway. Next to a candle, a handwritten note – I’m waiting for you… I want you. Rose petals strewn on the stairway showed me the way. Half way up another note… Dreaming of your cunt… I’m wet and slippery… waiting… wanting. A last note at the doorway—Eat me, fuck me until I faint.

I found her sprawled on our rose-petaled bed, wearing black thong and nothing more. We kissed while she undressed me. I dined on her neck and ears, suckled those pert, little nipples. I was ready to peel off her thong, press my vulva against hers and grind hard and fast. But she wanted me to feel the same lust she’d built up while waiting for me to arrive. She shoved me onto the pillows and tied my ands and feet to the bed posts. Then kneeling between my legs and facing away from me, she began to sway and rock, smiling over her shoulder, teasing me with that thonged ass, her creamy globes split by a strand of black. I strained against my ties, my clit throbbing.

She wasn’t done with me yet. She pushed the fabric aside and began to stroke her slit. The aroma of sex, the squishy sounds of her diligent fingers filled the room. Only when she was nearly finished did she press an urgent thigh between my legs, lower her sticky pussy against my thigh and hump me like a dog.

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