The Thing About Lingerie Is

As Sydney Burdick wrote in the Badger Herald:

The great thing about lingerie is it’s beautiful. It gives us confidence, and who doesn’t love looking good from the inside out? Admit it, you always feel better when you’re wearing cute underwear. It never fails to throw a little extra skip in your step. And yes, while we’re all secretly hoping we find someone to show it off to, we still feel great regardless of the outcome. It never fails to help start the day off right and end it right as well. It makes us feel sexy, independent, strong and beautiful — and while it might not make us glow in the way true love can, who cares? Benefit created “moon beam” for that!

In truth, who really needs a man when we can have a red satin bra and panty set instead?

Amen, Sydney. She’s a girl I could shop with, hang out with; she gets it.

If you didn’t get what you wanted for Valentine’s Day or you didn’t have a Valentine to share the holiday with, why not go get yourself some lingerie, like this cute set shown here, right now — today!

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