Hunting For Vintage Lingerie

I’ve asked many a vintage fashion seller where they get all their goodies and the response has always been the vague and mysterious, “Oh, when you’re a rag collector/dealer, they just come to you.”

Hey, I’m a collector, so where’s mine? Oh, yeah… at their shop. :sigh:

Textiles dealers tell me the same thing.

I find all of this a bit perplexing, this way the Universe directs the delicates their way…

My thrift stores have very little in the way if vintage clothing at all. Occasionally at Halloween you can find some pieces there with the costumes, but as a general rule, I’m outta luck. This has been true at estate sales too. Every 5 years or so I get lucky at a garage sale — it’s the hope that keeps me alive lol

But really, where do dealers get their goods?

I’ve long suspected that each town has a handful of dealers who long ago worked out deals with every estate company, every auctioneer, every thrift store in town — they get called first and plunder at a price deemed fair enough to all of them (prices that I’d likely weep over), leaving nothing available for me. Am I paranoid? Maybe…

In Georgine’s Things Derek explains why I have to resort to paying ‘retail’ for vintage lingerie:

Box of Vintage and Antique Undergarments:
Thrift shops usually toss these out, and estate sales are often reluctant to offer them, just because of the ‘ickiness’ of sharing underwear with a stranger. Me, I’m not a fan of used undergarments… but my wifey is. She likes frilly things, and the box does have some of those in there. Is everything worth keeping? Who knows! She packed the box with everything, without worrying about examining every little corner for a stain or tear. We use the tactic at rummage sales — “How much for the whole bunch?” — and here that’s expected. When she gets a chance, Deanna will pull everything out of the box, sort good from bad, and go from there.

It seems that I might be onto something with my paranoia, hmm?

If this Georgine gets boxes of lingerie in that town, then who is getting it in my town? How does one go about finding this out?

A private eye for intimate apparel and vintage fashions?

Maybe she could find missing gems from Hollywood and the local rich families of old… Satin bias gowns, dressing gowns with wide lapels, loads of luscious nylon nighties, and the sweetest ruffled panties — in my size!

Oooh, that would make a great television show: “Helen LaRue: Vintage Lingerie Tracker.” I’d watch.

Only she wouldn’t dress like this. She’d likely be more bookish — like a librarian. With naughty vintage lingerie bits safely hidden beneath modest suits; her hair up, and glasses.

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