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No, it’s not news that Edie Murphy is crossdressing — all the black male comedians love to dress up as large black women. What makes me sick about Norbit is that in the Nutty Professor we all had to learn that a fat man shouldn’t be shunned due to his size for he’s a great guy. But let’s make as much fun as we can of women who are ‘fat’ ‘cuz that’s just how it’s done. :sigh:

Anyway, Murphy’s gig isn’t news, but there is plenty of other cross-dressing news.

Speaking of celebrities, did you know that David Hasselhoff’s in drag in The Producers? The news is full of headlines of The Hoff wearing a dress, but I couldn’t find a photo… Perhaps that’s what folks are supposed to be buying the ticket for? Here’s and interview at Playbill regarding the musical.

Did you know Jimmy Olsen cross dressed? Well, Comic Book Resources shows youthen and now.

Savage Love’s The train wreck that is your husband’s collection of kinks includes some CD talk.

Kansas City Crossdressers and Friends (KCCAF) closes.

Also, at SK an active discussion on cross dressing — some of you regulars should really get over there and add your two-cents.

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