No, Honey, That Lingerie Isn’t My Lover’s…

I’m donating it to a PETA demonstration.

Monday, February 12, dressed in crimson lingerie, fancy little garters, sheer stockings, and spiked heels and holding heart-shaped signs that read, “Love Chicks, Don’t Eat Them,” two PETA members will lead a Valentine’s Day protest against their local Tampa KFC.

The protest is against KFC suppliers’ abusive treatment of chickens in factory farms and slaughterhouses.

PETA always has the most interesting, least dressed media grabbing, events. Don’t you just wish you could see this one?

PETA is dangerously close to pay-per-view protests, yes?

The image of Anna Nicole’s PETA ad is in honor of the lady who recently left us. I echo DeeDee’s thoughts about Anna Nicole’s death being reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe in it’s treatment.

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