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Gracie tagged me

The Rules: Once you’ve been tagged you can’t be retagged, you have to write a blog with 10 random things, facts or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose 10 more people to torture (er…tag…Louise said tag) and post a note telling them they’re tagged and make them come along and read your blog.

I don’t think I’m oddball — random perhaps… but if you’re making a list about yourself, how random can it be? But I’ll try this anyway…

10 Oddball Random Things About Me:

#1 I love having hubby read to me — erotica, children’s books, the newspaper, a take-out menu… It matters not. I love the sound of his voice in my ears.

#2 I prefer nylon to silk in nearly every imagineable case.

#3 I was a virgin until I was 21 — some find that freakish.

#4 I’ve likely given way too much thought into how I’d react if one of my children were to be gay or bi or anything other than hetero and not wanting surgery. I guess the number of my “not straight” friends makes me think about it even if my children show no signs of such things. Here I am all prepared and I won’t need it; meanwhile, others avoid the signs and protest too much. I find that not just a point of irony, but a damn shame.

#5 I’m not exactly sure what makes a woman; but if you don’t own and use a sex toy, you still aren’t one.

#6 I miss a plastic lunchbox with characters on it and the thermos inside. Little matches the pride of ownership, or the vinyl smell. So even while I work from home, I often think about getting one again.

#7 There are 2 household things I can never run out of: toothpaste and thank you cards. (In that order.) Everything else I can ‘make do with’ somehow.

#8 If you are what you eat, I am Kraft macaroni & cheese. Or if we are going with the expression ‘eat’ for oral sex, my husband’s cock. If you allow both, I am a cheesy noodle of a cock brought to a hard on in 3 licks or less.

#9 I don’t believe in rhetorical questions. It begs the question and an answer. (My best marital advice: don’t ask it, mutter it, or think ‘rhetorical’ means you’ll get away with it.)

#10 I take naps, and whenever possible I ask hubby to tuck me in for them.

I tag:

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