Malicious Designs

Malicious Designs was started by Sheana Hinesley in 2001. After leaving her life as a carnie, Sheana needed something to fall back on besides liquor and cupcakes.

She wanted to bring a handmade alternative to the mass marketed fashions in women’s wear and lingerie. Each piece is hand crafted and hand dyed, it’s uniqueness brings the buyer something special that is truly their own.

The pieces are at once aggressive & shy. It’s punk meets vintage peek-a-boo, never forgetting that the wearer is a woman. Very feminine, yet not a cliche. I just love it.

The only bad thing I can say is that the site is a bit difficult to shop from. Since the photos are not linked to product, you have to guess from the list, and then navigate to find a store where the lovelies are sold.

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