Light-Up Bras Are Shots In The Dark

Sweat Shop Sissy sent me a link to the bras at Enlighted and he asked, “Do people really wear these?”

I’d guess strippers or exotic dancers might. Or those kids who go to raves (or whatever the latest name for huge private parties is now called). I can’t imagine much other use for them. Who wants blinking, flashing or other such methods of inducing strokes? Neat concept, but limited usability.

Which brings up another issue of lingerie… Distraction vs. attraction.

I believe that like makeup, lingerie should be ‘used’ to accentuate the positive. Not that it shouldn’t be seen, but it’s an art to draw attention, maybe even induce drooling, but not be so loud that it becomes what is seen and not you. Bras and corsets which blink & glow are what’s noticed, not your own breasts, your own skin…

Call me an old-fashioned romantic (I’d prefer to be called a seductress) but these flashing bras are about as subtle as panties with a neon arrow pointing below and flashing phrases like “Eat Here.” Too direct. No fun. It’s not even inviting. It’s annoying and crass.

Lingerie is all about the senses, inviting to touch, taste, smell… These bras may as well say, “Hey, rub my battery box,” or “I know you wanna feel my wires.”

Some might argue that seen in the ‘less is more’ light these blinking bras are still leaving a little romance — after all, you don’t see the goodies. But goodies aren’t the point here; the show is all about the lights and gizmos. Going back to the makeup comparison, one uses gleaming powders to highlight the cheeks and eyelids, sparking gloss on the lips. But one does not glue mirrors or light bulbs to their face. To do so actually hides the beautiful skin, bright eyes, and soft lips. This is overkill.

As the company itself writes about the nerve bra, “Part bra, part sculpture, part social disturbance,” this is all about shock-value and has nothing to do with seduction.

So, as my entry title says, these light-up bras are shots in the dark — they completely miss the mark.

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