Do-it-Yourself Pinup, An Erotic Story

It was only October but the shops in the mall were already pulling down their Halloween decorations to replace them with Christmas and New Year’s themes. It was too early to be thinking about Christmas, Sarah thought as she browsed the selection of calendars at a stand in the middle of the mall. She found everything from calendars filled with cute puppy dogs to ones of muscle cars. Normally she would have by-passed the Chip and Dale calendars next to the Sport’s Illustrated Bikini calendar but one nearly-naughty calendar caught her attention. The cover featured a black and white picture of Betty Grable with her wavy blonde hair and pouting lips looking seductively over her shoulder. Sarah flipped through the calendar to find a new classic pinup girl on each page. Barely covered by bras and garter-belt skirts, these busty women posed bent over dressing room chairs or paused to test the water of their bubble bath.

“Oh, get that one,” Melissa said catching Sarah by surprise.

A crimson blush flooded Sarah’s cheeks as she tried to shelve the calendar with as quickly as she could. Melissa had asked Sarah to come shopping with her for a new camera lens but after an hour of listening to the salesperson talk about the advantages of Nikon verses Leica Sarah had wandered off into the rest of the mall.

“Hey, I liked that one,” Melissa protested with a small pout on her lips. “Those pinup girls look so classy, nothing like the smut they sell in PlayBoy these days.”

Melissa had an eye for beauty especially the beauty of a woman, but even Sarah had to admit there was something ultra-sexy about the lingerie-clad woman with their ample curves and unabashed sexuality. Even fully dressed, one wink from one of these buxom beauties could make a man or woman weak in the knees. Sarah longed for that kind of sexual power but knew that it was out of her reach.

“I just like the lacy undies,” Sarah sighed as the desire for a pair of thigh high stockings attached to a sheer garter belt passed through her mind. “But I could never pull it off.”

“Are you kidding me?” Melissa took a step back and put up her fingers to frame Sarah’s upper half. “You’ve got the perfect body for it, soft and curvy.”

“I think you mean roly-poly.” Sarah couldn’t admit that it was one of her fantasies to pose as one of those calendar girls even if just for a day. “Did you get that lens you wanted?”

“Nope, on to the next shop.” Melissa linked her arm in Sarah’s to keep her from escaping and dragged her off to the next camera shop.


Later that week when Sarah found the powder blue box topped with a large white ribbon bow in front of her door she thought it had been delivered to the wrong door. It was only after she tugged the satin bow free and opened the box that she found the note from Melissa.

“Dear Sarah,

Now don’t laugh but I saw these at a shoot and I knew they would be perfect for you. Try them on. And if they fit you can keep them. Oh, there is one catch; I’ve got to get some pictures for the designers so they know what they’d look like on a model. I won’t take no for an answer.


She was almost afraid to pull back the white tissue paper. Melissa had been a dear friend of hers for some time now. They had almost been more than friends once but Sarah had been in a relationship when they had met at a photo gallery showing Melissa’s work. Since then they had become good friends even though there were occasions when Sarah wondered if Melissa still wanted more. Now that Sarah was available she didn’t know how or if she wanted to cross that boundary. Curiosity got the better of her and she delved into the box like a kid at Christmas. Beneath the white paper was a set of black undergarments trimmed in pretty pink flowers and gentle green leaves.

She lifted the bullet bra and displayed it on her cream-colored couch, then a see-through garter skirt with black straps and finally the long black stockings. She nearly missed the tiny thong underwear neatly folded in one corner. Her mind raced as the thought of actually trying them on crossed her mind. She knew that if she did she could never return them and then she would have to pose for Melissa. The thought terrified and thrilled her all at once. The black set remained on display on her couch as Sarah went to the kitchen to make dinner. Even as she cooked her eyes drifted back to the bra, garter skirt, stockings and barely-there underwear. It was only after a few glasses of wine that she sat down beside them and started to trace the edges of the material with her fingertips.

She loved the way they felt, soft and rough, daring her to try them on just once. No matter how she tried to deflect her thoughts they kept returning to the black material and pink flowers. Sarah reasoned that she could talk Melissa out of the photo shoot anyways by batting her eyelashes and giving her a pleading smile. That settles it, Sarah decided and gathered up the undergarments in a careful scoop then headed into her bedroom. She stripped; her clothes fall to the floor, and savored the feeling of being naked in the cool night air. In front of the full-length mirror she lingered in a rare moment appreciating the form of her curvaceous body. It must have been the second or third glass of wine she’d indulged in that night that allowed her to appreciate her body. She was no size zero model but even she had to admit that she was sexy.

It was the reflection of the lingerie that reminded her of her purpose in getting undressed. With deft fingers she latched the hooks of the bra and guided the straps over each shoulder. Next she pulled on the slight, thong underwear that left little to the imagination and offered only the hint of concealment then the garter skirt that was pulled over top. Even the feel of the stockings, as they slipped over her feet and were pulled up her thigh, excited her. Sarah caught a glimpse of her reflection as she straightened her leg and attached the supports. Only when she was finished that she stood in front of the mirror and pull her hair from its perpetual ponytail. Her chocolate brown hair cascaded luxuriously over her shoulders. At first she didn’t recognize her reflection but as her hands cupped her covered breasts and massaged them she felt her body come alive with sensation. Dipping her hands along the midline of her stomach she plunged them over her mound and skirted the dark V formed by her sex.

A shiver of heat took hold of her and Sarah’s knees weakened. She smoothed the material over her thighs and felt the growing moisture as her nether lips rubbed together. The simple sight of herself and the feel of the garments were making her hotter than any other person had ever made her. She flopped into the bed and spread her legs just enough to see the dark reflection of her swollen pussy in the mirror. The underwear pulled to one side, a wayward finger slipped between her thighs. She found her clit with ease and arched her back at the sudden rush caused by her touch. Masturbation was something she took a great deal of pride in and tonight would be not exception.

She had just started to get into the act when the phone rang. Its insistent ringing was enough distract her and she rolled over to answer it with the hopes that it wasn’t anyone important.

“Hello?” Sarah’s voice betrayed her impatience.

“Am I interrupting?” Melissa said.

“Mel,” the surprise in Sarah’s voice did little to conceal her guilt at being caught mid-masturbation. “How are you doing?”

Melissa giggled into the phone. Lying was not one of Sarah’s strong suites nor was hiding anything from Melissa.

“I think the question is how are you and how do you like my present?” Melissa knew Sarah well enough to catch the hint of embarrassment in her voice. She had hoped Sarah wouldn’t be afraid to try on her gift even with the threat of a photo shoot. Of course Melissa’s ulterior motive was to see her friend model the lingerie. “I had a feeling that you’d like it.”

“Why do you say that?” Sarah asked in hopes that she could steer the conversation away from her wanton activities.

“I don’t know, I could just imagine how sexy you’d look in them.” Melissa was being bolder than she normally was as the image of Sarah posing in a pair of high heels and the Cameo lingerie came to mind. “I guess you owe me a photo shoot.”

“What makes you think I tried them on?” Sarah asked trying to sound as indignant as she could. “I mean they are pretty but not really my style.”

“Liar,” Melissa teased Sarah. “I bet you are wearing them right now, lying in bed and thinking about touching yourself.”

The silence on the other end of the line was confirmation enough that Melissa was dead right. Sarah wondered how her friend knew her so well. She wondered what Melissa would do to her if she were in Sarah’s room instead of on the phone. Although Sarah’s last relationship was with a man she had always had rather liberal ideas when it came to sexuality and pleasure. The idea of exciting Melissa pleased her and filled her with a sense of sexual power she longed to indulge in.

“Maybe,” Sarah’s voice was softly seductive. “You could always come over and see.”

“No way, I’m not letting you off that easily,” Melissa replied before giving Sarah instructions on where to meet her the next day for her special photo shoot.

By the time Sarah hung up the phone her thin thong was soaked. When she closed her eyes she tried to picture her photo shoot. She had never been to the location to which Melissa had given her directions. It could be a warehouse in the industrial district or an uptown condo for all she knew. Either way she could picture leaning over piles of boxes or stretched out on a plush, down comforter with the sound of Melissa’s camera clicking away in the background.


The next morning Sarah debated what she would wear to her photo shoot. Fortunately it was a warmer than normal day even though winter was fast approaching. The lingerie was the first thing to cover her freshly showered body but after that she was at a loss. She couldn’t just walk out of her apartment dressed in it, but none of her normal clothing would look flattering over top. Besides, it seemed such a shame to cover -up such a beautiful piece. It was then that a wicked idea occurred to her. Rummaging through her closet Sarah found what she was looking for. She pulled out a long brown trench coat and wrapped it around her tightly. Even if she drew someone’s attention it would be impossible for them to tell if she was normally dressed, completely naked or somewhere in between. Sarah threw a pair of high-heeled shoes she kept in the back of her closet just in case she felt daring into a bag and donned a pair of oversized sunglasses before heading out the door. She only made one stop on the way to the secret destination at a drug store to pick up the most obscene shade of red lipstick she could find. ‘Hooker red’ is what her sister would have called the shade. It seemed oddly appropriate. She felt like the perfect mix of modest immodesty. She wondered if the few people she passed as she walked towards her destination somewhere in the middle of the shipping district could even imagine the sight they would get if her coat came undone or if a brisk wind were to flare open the bottom of her coat.

Sarah wasn’t sure she had the right address as she approached a fenced lot with boxcars and shipping containers stacked one on top of the other. She started entertaining thoughts of heading back to her apartment but the sound of an approaching car froze her in her tracks. To her relief it was Melissa in her father’s vintage Rolls Royce.

“Going me way?” Melissa slowed as she pulled up to Sarah. “You look like you are going to pose for the cover of Espionage not a girly magazine.”

“Shush,” Sarah chided Melissa and hopped into the passenger side of the car.

Their destination was a secluded area hidden in the midst of the maze of boxcars. It looked deserted enough though Sarah was starting to feel some apprehension about parading around barely covered in the open.

“Here we are.” Melissa was the first out of the car and eager to set up her cameras. “You’ll have to change in the car.”

Sarah removed her sunglasses and bit her lower lip. “No I won’t.”

Melissa looked up to see Sarah tug at the lapel of her coat to reveal bare skin. She watched, entranced, as Sarah continued to expose her chest until the black strap of the bra was revealed.

“I came prepared,” Sarah winked and undid the belt of her coat to offer Melissa a glimpse of what was to come.

It was a side of Sarah that Melissa knew existed but had never seen. She was alive with sexuality in a manner that made it hard for Melissa to concentrate on the correct lens and film for the lighting. When she finally settled on the right equipment she turned to Sarah.

“Time to earn your gift,” Melissa said as she removed her lens cap.

Sarah looked around nervously, “Are you sure no one will see me?”

“Only me and the film,” Melissa reassured her. “It’s Sunday, no one works the docks on Sunday.”

With a nod Sarah took a deep breath and removed her coat. The rush of cold air on her skin heightened the feeling of exposure. There was no one insight and only the sound of nearby birds and a gentle breeze could be heard. At first she leaned against the car unsure of how to pose as Melissa snapped away.

“Try to relax a little bit,” Melissa coached her. “Remember you are a pinup girl. Guys will be going to war with only your picture to keep you company during the lonesome nights. Give them something to fight for.”

Sarah burst into laughter at the thought and ached her back, pushing out her ass towards the camera.

“That’s it,” Melissa focused on the picture quality but couldn’t ignore the voluptuous female in front of her. “Give me that sassy smile of yours.”

Turning slightly Sarah looked over her shoulder with her hand on her hip. A coy smile rose to her lips as she thought of the arousal she could arise in anyone who watched her. She loved the thought of exciting someone to distraction until all they could think about was relieving their desire. Her inhibitions shed Sarah pretended she was in one of those pinup calendars she loved so much. Melissa didn’t need to instruct her anymore but continued to snap pictures until she ran out of film.

“Looks like you are off the hook,” Melissa said setting down her camera. “I’m all out of film.”

“Already?” Sarah pouted as she sat on top of the car’s hood, her crossed legs dangling over the edge. “And it is such a nice day.”

Sarah leaned back to bask in the sunlight. She felt utterly liberated with only the lingerie barely protecting her modesty. Thoughts of what she’d do when she returned home filled her mind. She had a powerful need to satisfy her lust and would not be denied.

“You are so sexy,” Melissa said when she approached Sarah. The urge to run her hands along her long, stocking-covered legs until she reached the white skin of Sarah’s thigh struck her. “I’m definitely keeping the proofs for my lonely nights.”

Sarah giggled, “Ah ha, I knew it. There is no client is there? You just wanted to get pictures of me half-naked.”

The normally confident and bold Melissa turned her eyes towards the ground in the hopes that Sarah would not catch the blush in her cheeks. Sarah reached out with her stiletto-clad foot and hooked Melissa’s shoulder to draw her closer. Melissa’s eyes followed the long, black stockings that seemed to go on for miles up to the creamy white skin of Sarah’s thigh. She moved closer and pressed her lips to the soft skin in a kiss that lingered long enough for her to smell Sarah’s sex.

“Now, I’ve caught you.” Sarah licked her lips. “You are at my mercy.”

She slipped off the car and pressed her breast against Melissa’s. Her arms wrapped around Melissa’s neck and pulled her into a deep kiss. Her lips were softer than she had expected, Sarah though. Melissa’s hands explored the naked flesh of Sarah’s waist until they found the small of her back. She pulled Sarah’s to her until their bodies were touching head to toe. Pressed against her core, Melissa’s thigh was tempted Sarah’s already swollen pussy. As she broke the kiss Sarah guided Melissa to her knees and brought her face-to-face with the object of her desire.

“It’s all your fault, you know?” Sarah’s pout was more coy than sincere. “I’m all horny and wet.”

“Maybe I can make up for it?” Melissa was hesitant but had wanted this from the moment she had seen Sarah musing over one of her prints at the gallery.

“You’d better.” Sarah parted her legs only as much as the garter skirt would allow her.

Melissa kissed the black fabric that covered Sarah’s pussy and ran her hand along Sarah’s inner thigh until she found the moist material of the thong. Her finger slipped beneath to find slick nether lips swollen in excitement. Sarah moaned as she braced herself against the hood of the car. Melissa began to explore and stroke Sarah’s core sending waves of pleasure through her body. It was torture to feel Melissa’s fingers glance against her clit and delve between her nether lips.

“Oh, that is a good start.” Sarah arched her back and let her head fall.

Melissa withdrew her fingers and licked them. “I knew you’d taste sweet.”

“Are you sure you wouldn’t want a better taste?” Sarah’s eyes spoke of her desire for release. She longed to feel Melissa’s lips on her clit. “I mean if you want the freshest honey you need to go to the source.”

“That is a good idea,” Melissa said and pushed the palm of her hand over the garter skirt against Sarah’s mound to tease her. “If you really want it.”

Sarah whimpered as she felt the material crushing against her core but offering her no release. “Please. I want you to taste me.”

The desire in Sarah’s voice thrilled Melissa and her fingers went to work undoing the straps that held the black stockings in place. She hoisted the garter skirt up to Sarah’s hipbones to expose her sex. Only the thin thong remained but was easily pushed aside as Melissa dove into Sarah’s pussy. Her lips caught Sarah’s engorged clit and drew it into her mouth as she sucked on it. She pushed back the hood that covered the delicate tissue and nipped at it. Sarah’s breath caught in her throat as she wanted to scream and gasp at the same time. Her fingers intertwined in Melissa’s hair and pushed her face into Sarah’s growing desire.

“Oh, god, you are going to make me cum,” Sarah whispered.

“That’s the idea.” Melissa broke away only for a moment to speak then returned to her labor of love.

Melissa’s tongue lapped against Sarah’s clit bringing her closer to orgasm. Each time Sarah felt as if she’d lose control Melissa turned her attention to her nether lips and plunged her tongue deep inside Sarah denying her release. Her breath came in short, sharp pants.

“Oh please, please,” Sarah’s voice was barely articulate as she felt the world dissolve around her.

As much as Melissa enjoyed torturing Sarah she knew it wouldn’t be long before a single lick would send her over the edge. This time instead of pulling away she mouthed Sarah’s clit with vigor. Sarah didn’t care if anyone could hear her as she cried out in ecstasy as her orgasm coursed through her body.


It could have been an eternity for all Sarah knew. When she opened her eyes she saw the blue sky above her and could hear her breath echoing against her heartbeat. Melissa watched the breathtaking sight of a satisfied woman and wished she had her camera. Sarah was as gorgeous as any pinup model as she looked to the sky and made a perfect line from her neck to her sex. When their eyes finally met each smiled wordlessly, it was the sound of someone clearing his throat that caught their attention.

Sarah looked up to see a burly dockworker standing about ten feet from them with his half-hard dick in his hand.

“That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” he muttered completely unaware of how he was. His fresh cum dripped from his softening cock.

Sarah felt embarrassment at first but then realized that she’d never see this man ever again. He knew nothing about her and for all he knew she was just some sexy model. Sarah re-attached her stockings and straightened her garter skirt will Melissa watched. She grabbed her coat and covered herself.

“The calendar comes up in January,” Sarah said with a wink. “Tell your friends.”

While Sarah returned to the car Melissa gathered her camera equipment. They drove away with the man still staring at them in disbelief at his good fortune.

© Nikko Lee

Nikko, The Most Erotic of Them All, is a author and friend of this blog who has many stories here. You can find more about her here.

Photo of Dillon Thomas in the Cameo Sabina Garter Skirt & Sabina Stretch Bullet Bra from Cameo Intimates. Photograph by Danielle Emerick.

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