There’s No Accounting For Taste

Or at least not well enough to take a one-style-fits-all approach to gift giving.

One Valentine’s Day, Sherry Malin’s fiance, Lenny, gave her a prettily wrapped box that contained a silky emerald-green and black lace teddy-and-panty set with a matching kimono. It was her style. It fit perfectly. She loved it. The couple have been married more than 20 years now, and Malin says she still prefers lingerie to roses on Valentine’s Day.

From Lost in lace, this sentimental note is only about to enter your life if you know what she likes and give it to her.

She wants flannel, but I would kill him. Or at least consider serving him with divorce papers. But hey, she does really prefer & desire flannel, so if you’re giving her a gift it had better be flannel.

Sommer covets smooth satin bottoms — lord knows they thrill her so. So, if you’re lucky enough to be able to give Sommer a Valentine’s Day gift, you must consider lingerie which is “very ‘Father Knows Best’ in a very sexy, girly kinda way.”

When it comes to panties, give it to her butt good. In some cases, you may find her Dirty Little Secret is her love of big cotton grannie panties. (Don’t mock, he loves them too!)

So, men, pay attention to what she loves. Note her style as well as her size and you’ll give great gifts.

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