Looking For Weekend Plans?

The Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show is this weekend.

If you can’t make that, how about the other coast? Pandora’s Trunk is having a show all about recycling and re-use. Premiering this time at Pandora’s Trunk is a DIY clothing modification station. Bring that ill-fitting old t-shirt or just dive into the bins; they’ll be bringing you free and at-cost t-shirts, pants, patches, and scraps to root through. There will be scissors, pins, and a sewing machine — and if those sound like scary torture devices to you fear not, they will help you to use them.

I can’t make either, so perhaps I’ll spend the weekend creating an entry for The Nipple Project. They want us to “Submit your own hand-made artistic interpretation of your nipple or the nipple of someone you love.” They are creating a community based art installation consisting of 3-dimensional craft media such as knitting, crocheting, beading, sewing, and felting. The final piece will include all of the nipple submissions sewn, wired or stitched together to create a large hanging wall installation.

Inspired by the release of the IPEX bra by Victoria Secret, the bra that espouses quite blatantly in all of its ads that it provides “maximum nipple coverage,” this organization says, “This bra epitomizes the eradication of the nipple from society’s gaze.” Which is against their mission: To reclaim the nipple.

Being anti VS, and pro nipple, I’ll have to think of something… You too? Check the gallery for ideas. Then send them your nipples!

Now I bet you’re in the mood for more sexy art… Well, if you are in Arizona or New Mexico you’re in luck. The Sex Worker’s Art Show will be there. Featuring music, performances & multimedia works this is a great event. (Check here to see when it will be in your neck of the woods.)

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