Godzilla & The Blow Up Doll

In The Blow-Up Doll Godzilla’s mail order bride arrives…

A blowup doll of Vivid girl Janine is dressed in lingerie. I don’t recognize the red lace peignoir, but the open bra and panties are from Cameo — I’d recognize those embroidered hearts anywhere.

So Janine’s got her hearts on, but Zilla’s got his hard on (via a strap on). Who can blame a giant male lizard when she looks so hot? He does some unspeakable things to her, but she seems to be enjoying her cigarette at the end. Clearly fun was had by all.

I didn’t know Zilla was a sub, but Janine does a great job of dominating him. I guess monsters are like stressed humans and need a lil down time where someone else is in charge…

Maybe the pinup bedding should have been a clue?

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