First Kisses

I remember some details perfectly, what I was wearing down to which bra and which pair of socks; where I was; what was on the TV in the background. But other things aren’t there. The smell, the specific kind of butterflies in my stomach, the nervousness, the fear – I remember that all those things were in the mix, but this one first kiss has been obstructed by dozens of other first kisses, last kisses, important kisses, love kisses and dare kisses. But first there was just this one kiss. There was that one irreducible (un-duplicatable) kiss untarnished by memory and expectation and bitterness. This one pure first grappling moment.

So reads an entry at First Kiss Project — which is further proof of women’s abilities to remember every detail of a moment.

The First Kiss Project is a collection of stories documenting those “clumsy sweet first attempts to end our innocent and bumbling foolishness.” Like those kisses as sweet as creamed corn.

You can contribute your own memories too. Link found via Naughty Words.

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