Crossdressing Fashions

Reading Gracie’s interview with Richard, I found this link of his.

It lead to this article, Yawn, how shocking: First shaven pubic hair, now men in bras – will fashion never tire of trying to outrage us, wonders Laura Barton. In it she wrote:

Regarding her latest scandalous exploits, Westwood kindly explained that her buxom gentlemen were spawned by the idea of 50s sweaterboys. “This inspiration – a man wearing a turtleneck with a lady’s bra underneath – comes from a mere thought of how men like to dress up sometimes as women,” she said. Less intelligibly, she added: “Also, [it’s about] dressing up as a way to think how men are so attached to the breast of their mother – a symbol of eternal warmth.” Alternatively, she could just have been struggling to make the menswear shows a teensy bit more interesting.

Could Barton be any more of an ignorant tight-ass? “Less intelligibly?” Well, it makes sense to me… Barton clearly couldn’t read here, this blog wasn’t around in 2003. But certainly someone who writes about fashion can’t afford to act confused about cross dressing. And with blogs like Richard’s — where people continue to post years later — were around should the less then intelligent Barton deem the issue worthy of her attentions.

And “shocking” though it may be to her, someone should a-dress the issue, or the male cross dressers as the case may be. Folks certainly do dress female cross dressers.

The photo shown is from the 2003 show in Milan where ‘men with bosoms’ walked the runway.

PS but not least, Sweat Shop Sissy poses in his lingerie — it’s his first time, so be gentle!

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